Reflection of knowledge workers characteristics on knowledge acquision “Survey Study of the views of a sample of engineers and technicians in the Directorate of Electricity In the city of Sulaymaniya


Purpose: The research aims to diagnose the current availability of knowledge workers characteristics and the role of these characteristics in knowledge acquision in the city of Sulaimaniya Directorate of Electricity, and to identify the differences between personal and occupational characteristics of a sample of research and its impact on the availability of such properties. Design/methodology/approach :to achieve the objectives of the research questionnaire was developed especially for it and then distributed to a sample of engineers and technicians working in the Directorate of Electricity city of Sulaimaniya, where the sample of the research (52) respondents.Findings: the most important conclusions reached by the research include: the nature of the work in the Directorate of Electricity examined, based on the need for knowledge workers with the characteristics of workers, it appeared that the availability of such characteristics need to increase the availability of knowledge and ownership of the personnel, since these characteristics have achieved dimensions various levels the over medium. And did not show any significant difference and a real personality traits of employees in the Directorate researched in terms of (age and number of years of career service) in the availability of the properties of knowledge workers and this is what proves the conclusion of a key that these characteristics as a variable important may be available at various age levels and years of work career without any variation or different about this class without the other. The research recommended the need to work to re-examine the philosophy of the selection and appointment of staff and the adoption of characteristics of knowledge workers within the description and job descriptions and work to disseminate and to provide means and methods of modern technology on an ongoing basis in the Directorate of Electricity of Sulaymaniyah and directorates have the fact that it helps to facilitate the work and raise the level of performance on the one hand, and the development of capacity of individuals and provide them with new knowledge on the other hand.Originality/value: The current research provides a basis for the practice of objectivity in drawing the general framework and job descriptions required by individuals working as knowledge workers in organizations with the Iraqi identify those characteristics most prominent and most influential to acquire knowledge workers for the skills and knowledge required.Key Words: knowledge, knowledge workers characteristics, knowledge acquision, Directorate of Electricity of Sulaymaniyah. Paper type; Research paper.