The effect of static magnetic field on the healing of open wounds in rabbits(Lepus cuniculus domestica


The present study was designed to investigate the effect of 10, 30 and 50 gauss of magnetic fields on wound healing. Thirty adult rabbits of both sexes were used .The animals were divided into 3 groups of 10 rabbits each.3cm wound were made in all rabbits at gluteal region under effect of Xylazine hydrochloride and ketamine hydrochloride, the groups one, two and three exposed to magnetic field in dose 10,30 and 50 gauss at the site of wound for 15 minutes daily for seven days . The study showed that the static magnetic field has resulted in dryness of the edges of the wound associated with wound redness at the time of exposure then disappeared shortly after the discontinuation of the treatment. wounds remained open during the 7 days of observation period . Histopathological examination at various stages of wound healing, various parameters were investigated revealed ulcer formation, epidermal thickening, dermal fibrosis, fibroblast infiltration, inflammatory cells infiltration and scab formation. The result revealed that the formation of erosion were noticed in all treatments after the first and second week with the least effect that appeared with the dose of 50G of magnetic field. Epidermal thickening has been seen in all treatments after the first and second week of treatments and continued after the third week . When the dose of 10G of magnetic field was used while the epidermal thickening continued after the fourth week when the dose of magnetic field increased to 50G. Dermal fibrosis was seen in all doses, at all the times of the experiment, however, it was highest with the doses of 30G and 50G. on fibroblast infiltration, all treatments showed no effect. Inflammatory cells infiltration was seen with doses of 10G and 50G and after the first and second week of treatment and continued after the third week after the treatment with the dose of 10G ,the inflammatory cells infiltration was noticed and only a small change was seen in the dose of 50G at the first week. The treatment with 10G and 50G of magnetic field has resulted in the formation of scab after the first and second week of the treatment Scab formation did not appear in the group treated with a dose of 30G of magnetic field .