Anticipation the water salinity of well which be wanted to drill for agricultural purposes in the northern and southern desert of Iraq


This study was conducted to anticipate the water salinity of the wells which be wanted to drill in the northern and southern deserts of Iraq by determination the different regions according to the water salinity of their well . Three classification systems were used ( USDA 1954 for irrigation , FAO 1994 for irrigation too and FAO 1994 for stock use ) . Contour line calculation was applied to determine the segregate lines . Three regions could be segregated depending on anticipated salinity of well water according to USDA system , and all kinds of classes according to FAO classification . For anticipation the water salinity for any well that be wanted to drill in any region of the two deserts to irrigate the sensitive crops we can depend on the ( map 1 ) which be tied with this paper , so when these well be wanted to irrigate moderate tolerance crops or for stock use the ( map 2 and 3 ) can be depended in series for those purposes .