Expression of Ki67and p53 Proteins in Hodgkin ׳s Lymphomas and Non Hodgkin׳s Lymphomapatients using immunohistochemistry


Background: Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma( NHL) are characterized by a profound disturbance of the cell cycle and apoptosis regulation., Ki-67 and P53 expression has been shown to be associated with adverse clinical outcome in a variety of malignant hematological disorders, including HL and NHL.Aim: This study aimed to clarify Ki-67 expression level and its correlation with p53 expression in HL and NHL. Material and methods: total of 28 newly diagnosed HL and NHL patients were investigated for Ki-67 expression and its correlation to p53 expression by immunohistochemical technique.Results: Ki-67 expression was observed in 46.7 % of HL patients while 7.7% of NHL patients gave positive Ki-67 expression. A significant Association between thetype of lymphoma and Ki67 expression (p<0.05) noticed. The histopathologcal type appeared to be 57.1% mixed cellularity and 37.5% of them showed positive Ki67 expression , while 42.9 % were intermediate grade and only 16.7 % showed positive Ki67 expression . There were no significant correlation between the histopathologcal type and Ki67 expression. only 4 ( 14.3 %) of the cases were p53 negative ,while the rest 24 cases were p53 positive ,and the majority ( 66.7% ) were within score 2 . Eight cases ( 28.6 %) were positive for Ki-67 and p53 , Ki-67 was negative in 71.4% cases , and four of them were negative for p53 and the rest 16 ( 80% )cases were p53 positive .A significant correlation was found between p53 and Ki-67 expression where( r=0.608,p=0.001) .conclusion : it is suggested that immunohistochemical studies of p53 and Ki-67 expression in tumor tissue including HL and NHL can help in monitoring of patients at risk, and the markers may aid in controlling the progression of lymphoma and detect the degree of aggressiveness of the disease to give suitable treatment and management of patients .