Effect of Iron II solvate Feso4 spry and planting dates on yield and yield components and some quality traits for sesame (Sesamum indicum L .)


Field experiment were conducted during the 2009 and 2010 cropping seasons at the AL-Garaf in Thi –Qar governorate ,to study the effects of three planting date (15 th may , 5 th June , 26 th June) assigned to the main plots ,and five levels of micronutrients (0 , 800 , 1600 , 2400 , 3200) gm Feso4 ha assigned to the sub plots , on the growth and yield and yield components on sesame crop .The experiments were laid out in R.C.B.D(split plot design) with three replication. The results showed that ;the second planting date (5 June) was superior on the other sowing dates in stem diameter ,leaf area ,dry weight of plant ,no. of capsules per plant ,length of capsule , no. of seeds per capsule , yield of single plant , total yield of seeds (tanha) in both seasons . and the four level of fertilizer was superior on the other fertilizer levels in all