Capability of hydrogen peroxide to induce oxidative stress and initiation of athromatus lesions and to study effect of some antioxidants represented by estradiol, vitamin e and fresh garlic in overictomized rats


This study was conducted to determine the possibility of 0.5% if H2O2 on drinking water for the induction of oxidative stress status overictomized rats, moreover, this study deal with role of the stress in initiation & development atheromatus lesions. In these animal for improvement the oxidation status, this status deal with some antioxidant agents mainly: Vitamin E, Oestradiol Benzoate and Fresh garlic. The result remarks the similar (but not identical) effect of these agents (Vit E as superior) via its lowering effect on lipid profile as well as lipid peroxidation index, and its ameliorating effects on HDL-c, tissue GSH level. Moreover, these agents show a reduction in fatty depositions in aorta of treated rats.