Risk Factors for Mortality in Patients with Renal Injury


Introduction: renal trauma is the most common urologic trauma and occurs in 3% of all admissions and as many as 10% of patients who sustained abdominal trauma.Patients and methods: 36 patients had renal injury, 28 patients injured during explosion due terrorist's attacks. 30 males and 6 females, age 11-50 years.All underwent emergency resuscitation then the patients either admitted to the ward for further evaluation or underwent emergency exploration if indicated.Results: The mechanism of injury was blunt trauma in 18 patients 50%, penetrating trauma in 14 patients 38.9% and combined in 6 patients 11.1%.The grades of injury were grades I & II in 16 patients 44.4%, grade III in 8 patients 22.1%, grade IV in 9 patients 25% and grade V in 3 patients 8.3%. Other organs involvement was found in 20 patients 55.5%, 4 patients 20% had blunt trauma, 15 patients 75% had penetrating trauma and one patient 5% had combined trauma.Death occurred in 9 patients 25%, 8 (44.4%) had penetrating trauma and one patient 5.5% had blunt trauma .The commonest causes of death were septicemia and renal failure.Conclusions: Type and severity of injury and other organs involvement are important factors in mortality of patients with renal injury