Effect of microbial phytase and Nigella sativa seed extract supplementation on some hematological parameter in albino rats treated to cadmium chloride toxicity


The present study was conducted to determine the role of microbial phytase and Nigella sativa seed alcoholic extract in relieving the toxicological effects of cadmium chloride in some hematological parameters (RBC count, Hb concentration, PCV, total WBC count, Differential WBC count, and concentration of ALT, AST, & ALP).Fourty mature male rats were randomly divided into 4 equal groups (control and three treated groups). All rats were drenched CdCl2 solution (30 mg/L).T1 supplemented with the microbial phytase (500 mg/kg of provender), T2 drenched the black seed extract (200 mg/L). and T3 received both of treatments.