Effect of spray by Ascorbic and salicylic acid on some physiochemical properties of the local sour orange seedling citrus aurantium L.


This study was conducted during the growing season 2001-2012 to determine the impact of spraying Ascorbic and salicylic acid on some physical and chemical properties concentration (100 mg/liter) and also used spray with distilled water (control treatment) ,measurements were conducted following the height seedling and the number of lateral branches ,stem diameter and the total number of the leaf area ,and wet – dry weight to shoot and root .While chemical measurement include leafs content from chlorophyll ,carbohydrate, and semi –like substances such as –Auxins –Gibberellins .The results showed gave a significant superiority with Ascorbic and Salicylic acid concentration (100 mg/liter) in all studies properties compared with control treatment.