The Hygeinic Effects Caused by the Mobile-Phone Towers in Living Compounds:APractical Geographical Study of the Quarters of Al-Jazaair and Al-abbasi


Recently there have been many inquiries about the effects of the radiation issuing from the mobile- phone towers on the health of people living in the places surrounding them . thus , the present study is attempting to give answers to those inquiries by finding out the effects of the electromagnetic waves issuing from these towers on human`s health , Although there are many studies trying to prove this effect , no critical study has been a chieved yet in this respect . there are opinions asserting that those towers have danger the human`s health , On the other hand ,there are attitudes that show the obsence of scientific evidence that proves the harm which this technology causes .The present study is based on the following steps ; 1- Setting the aim of the study by showing the effect of the towers on the spread or the increase of the severity of some diseases which the scientific studies have found out their relationship with the electromagnetic waves such as cancer diseases , heart beat disorder , abortion , birth defects ,the effects on the nervous , system causing headache ,depression ,and epilepsy 2- The research is based on a fieldwork study by specifying the area of the study in two living quarters. The first is characterized by the existence of large number of cell-phone towers in spite of the smallnumber of population in comparison to another living quarter of large population density but of little distribution of such towers The results are as follows : After distributing the questionaire among the families living around the towers and those living far away from them , the sample showd essential relations between the distance from the tower and some diseases in both living quarters such epilepsy , depression , abortion , and cancer diseases