The impact of information in decision-making process An Empirical Study in the Directorate of Municipal in Ramadi


Occupy a distinct importance of information in today's world, given what happened from a massive revolution in information technology and telecommunications cast a shadow on the work of public and private organizations alike. Of facts that have become a reality is that management, in essence, decision-making process as a decision-making an essential and important management functions known (planning, organization and command and control), which became the decision-making in the opinion of many scholars of management and essential function of management functions and linked planning. The importance of this issue of the role and impact of information to support managers when making strategic decisions and operational task in their organizations, and the importance of information in reducing the reliance on intuition and guesswork when making major decisions in the organization. The main objective of this study is to highlight the impact of information in management decision-making in the Directorate of Municipality of Ramadi. This study has been applied on a random sample by 109 employees from the Directorate of Municipal gray out of 532 employees, accounting for 20% of the research community. Was the adoption of a measure of the Likert five-year and the use of statistical methods (arithmetic mean, standard deviation) and percentages for the analysis of data on the main themes of the study. The study found the main conclusion is that the rules and regulations and laws is one of the sources of greatest importance in the collection of information required in the management decision-making in the organization researched. The most important recommendations were centered in the use of databases and new technologies in the field of information because it provides the time and effort and money and support for administrative decision-makers in the organization.