Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Growth Using FeCl3 / Ethanol Catalyst by CVD Method


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD)method. FeCl3 was used as the precursor of iron which acts as the catalyst.Solution of FeCl3 in ethanol at concentration of (0.05 mole/litter) has beenchosen. Silicon (100) substrates were spin- coated with the prepared catalystsolution (FeCl3) .Carbon nanotubes were grown on Si (100) substrate coated withcatalyst in tube furnace using argon and acetylene gases at temperature of 750°Cfor 30 minutes. The structures of the produced material were characterized withRaman spectroscopy and FESEM. Raman spectra showed MWCNTs with thepresence of radial breathing mode (RBM) at low frequency. The morphology ofcarbon nanotubes called noodles–like CNTs with an average diameter of 45nmwas observed with FESEM micrograph.