Effect of Silver and Cobalt Ions on the Growth of the fungus Fusarium chlamydosporum (Wollenweber & Reinking)


An isolate of the fungus Fusarium chlamydosporum was exposed to different concentrations (10, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100ppm) either of silver Ag+1 or of cobalt Co+2 ions, singly and a mixture in vitro and the growth rate (colony diameter) of the fungus was measured. The results showed that the toxic effect of Ag+1 ions was more than those of Co+2 ions and at concentration 100ppm Ag+1 ions gave the highest effect on the fungus growth. The results also showed that the mixture of Ag+1 and Co+2 ions has a synergistic effect on the growth rate of the fungus. In general, the effect depened on the heavy metal ions concentration and the exposure periods.