The effect of static magnetic field of mid-shaft femoral fractureshealing in Rabbits


This study was done on eighty rabbits to investigate the effect of static magnetic field on the transverse femoral fracture fix by intramedullary pinning. Experimental animals were divided into two main groups, control group contain twenty rabbits, while the treated group were divided into three subgroups as the following. Control group induce mid-shaft fracture and fixation by intramedullary pinning. Treated groups which divided into three subgroups, induces fracture similar as in control group and treated as the following:1.Treated subgroups one (T1), expose to magnetic field (5 gauss).2.Treated subgroups one (T2), expose to magnetic field (75 gauss).3.Treated subgroups one (T3), expose to magnetic field (300 gauss). The radiographic and Histopathological findings at 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 days after operation indicated that the magnetic field accelerates the fracture healing, however, there are differences among treated subgroups , which revealed that T1 and T2 group have somewhat similar results, while T4 best results. The intramedullary pins did not show any side effect on the treatment with magnetic field therapy.