Histopathological changes and metabolic gene polymorphism caused by aramite exposure in experimental rats


A total of 40 experiment rats ( Rattus norvegicus) were divided into three groups of 10 rats for G.1 normal rats; 15 rat for G.2 that exposed to aramite with food daily for 90 days (5 g aramite/1 kg of pellet diet) and 15 rat for G.3 that exposed to aramite with water daily for 90 days(5 g aramite dissolved in 1 litter tap water ). The result shows that the rats that were treated with aramite suffer from significant increased the activity and level of GPT; GOT ; ACP and ALP (P≤0.05) compared with control group , so the results fixed the histopathological changes in liver and intestine with clear mutation in GSTM1 gene in rats that were exposed to aramite with diet and water compared with the normal control rats.