Assessment of the subjective image quality in the digital panoramic radiography at a reduced tube current level


To assess the subjective image quality in digital panoramic radiograph, when thetube current level (mA) is reduced.By Dimax 3 digital planmeca x-ray machine two digital panoramic projections canobtained for a dry skull , the first projections was performed at standard exposuresetting , the tube current level (mA) was reduced in the second exposure by 25% ,50% , and 75% respectively . 10 observers evaluated both projections for theanatomical landmarks which are commonly appearing in the panoramic radiograph.Radiographs taken at the reduced (mA) level of 75% had highly statisticallysignificant inferior score P<0.0001 for anatomical details.At reduced tube current level (mA), radiographs had inferior subjective image quality,but a reduction in tube current level (mA) of approximately 50% is accepted.