The detection of experimental abnormality on the floor of maxillary sinus using two different radiographic techniques


The aim of this study is to confirm the ability of digital panoramic (program 20sinus projections) in detection of maxillary sinus disease.The represented of radiopaque mass at the floor of maxillary sinus of a dry skull wascompared in digitalWater's and panoramic (programs 20 sinus) projections.The mass with a diameter of 10mm situated on the floor of the maxillary sinus.The radiopaque mass was shown better by digital panoramic (program 20 sinusprojection), while the digitalWater's projection was less effective.the digital panoramic (program 20 sinus projections) proved more effective indetection masses on the floor of maxillary sinus than digital Water's projection whereit's not clearly detected due to superimposition of maxillary molar teeth