The effect of postharvest treatment with calcium chloride on storage behaviour of jujube fruits Ziziphus mauritiana Lam. cv. tufahi


An investigation was carried out to study the role of the treatments with calcium chloride solution on storage behaviour of jujube fruits cv.tufahi packed with polyethylene bags (1 kg) and stored at 5±2ºc in refrigerator. Results of study show that jujube fruits cv. tufahi can be stored for 5 weeks at 5±2ºc . In additions, treatment with calcium chloride solution at the concentration of (4%) w/v was superior to other treatments in keeping the content of water of fruits and the total soluble solids, also decrease the loss of organic acids , decay of fruits and their content of vitamin C . General condition of fruits treated with calcium chloride solution (4%) w/v after 5 weeks of storage was v.good in outer appearance and good in test as compared with other treatments , that refers to the role of this treatment in keeping quality of fruits during storage.