The Effect of Different NaCl and pH Levels on the Survival of Culex sp. (Diptera; Culicidae) Larvae in Basrah


To investigate the effect of NaCl or pH levels on the survival of Culex sp. larvae , a sample of these larvae was collected from some pools in Basrah city and exposed to 5,10,15 and 20 ppt of NaCl or 2,3 and 4 pH levels . Lethal concentration for 50% of the exposed larvae (LC50) in NaCl and pH treatments were 6.2892 ppt and pH 2.98, respectively .All of the larvae died at the first few hours of exposure to either 20 ppt of NaCl or pH =2 . The results of this study suggest that NaCl levels higher than 6.289 ppt and pH levels higher than 2.98 ( in Culex sp. larvae environment ) are very effective on the larvae survival, thus these levels could be used in mosquitoes control efforts.


Culex, larvae, pH, NaCl, toxicity .