Large Amount of Data GIF Image Encryption with High Security using Path-based Animation


This study deals with constructing and implementing new algorithm based on hiding a large amount of data (image, audio, text) file into color GIF image. We have been used adaptive image filtering and adaptive image segmentation with bits replacement on the appropriate pixels. These pixels are selected randomly with Path-based animation rather than sequentially using new concept. This concept based on both visual and statistical that defined by main cases with there cases for each byte in one pixel. High security layers have been proposed through multi layers to make it difficult to break through the encryption of the input data using RC6 algorithm. The proposed algorithm can embed efficiently a large amount of data that has been reached to 86% of the image size with high quality of the output.The proposed method depended on two factors: First, the image which is containing the encrypted text, this image is GIF type which is the abbreviation of (Graphics Interchange Format Image), and the Second factor is the text targeted by encryption and entering within the image.