Toxoplasmosis in Iraqi Women: a Retrospective Study


background: Toxoplasmsosis is a relatively widespread parasitic infection,caused by the protozoan toxoplasma gondii, which can affect pregnancyadversely.Objectives: To identify the cases of toxoplasmosis among pregnant women and toidentify its relation to the outcome of pregnancy.Materials and Methods: The present descriptive study of 54 female patients withtoxoplasmosis, their age ranged between 16-45 years old in the period between 2006-2007 in AL-Kadhimia Teaching hospital & IVF Institute of Embryo Researches &Infertility Treatment-AL-Nahrain University –Baghdad.Results: Pregnant woman with positive IgG and/or IgM anti-toxoplasma wasconsidered as a seropositive case. IgG have done to all women in the study, 51(94%)were positive and only 3(6%) were negative. IgM was performed to 27(50%) women,9(33%) were positive, 18(67%) were negative. Only (18%) of the positive IgG hadhistory of animal contact. IgG test was positive in 82% of women with a history ofabortion. IgG test was positive in 18% of women with a history of stillbirth.Conclusions: in conclusion the presence of IgG in the blood of women in this study isnot associated with abortion or stillbirth.