Studies of Biochemical Changes in Serum of Patients with Different Types of Thalassemia


Background: Still more then 85 years after the fascinating initial description of peculiar bone changes and other signs and symptoms of the disorder, Thalassemia represent the most common single gene disorder causing a major public health problem.Aim & objective:1. To determine the changes in iron status, minerals, trace elements and albumin in subjects with thalassemia2. Study the distribution of patients according to blood groups& Rh factors Materials &methods: Cross-sectional study conducted for the period from 1/9-1/12/2002 in the Center for Anemia of Mediterranean Origin in Ibn –Albalady hospital, 157 patients were randomly selected using convenient sampling and patients attending the center for blood transfusion. Blood samples were taken from all the studied patients, the serum separated and stored at -20ْ C until used.Results: The mean age on diagnosis was 10.6 years, thalassemia major was found in 77.1%, serum calcium & selenium, iron & iron binding capacity were significantly correlated with each others among studied sample, patients with blood group O were the commonest among patients then comes blood group B and A.Conclusion: Based on findings of the present study, it can be concluded that thalassemia causes multiple abnormalities in biochemical parameters in blood of the patients.Keywords: Biochemical changes, thalassemia