ٍٍSeasonal Variations of some Biochemical Aspects for five species of date palm(2- trace elements )


The present study was carried out during 2008-2009-2009-2010 ,with in Abu-Alkasshab, of Basra, has been studied the content of trace elements of five cultivar of date palm male (Ghannmi Akhdar,Ghannmi Ahmar .Khikri, Dekel g and Dekel s) . Notes from result excellence Ghannmi Akhdar significant leap year study at concentration magnesium (0.272 and 0.257%) and silver (0.006 and 0.005%) and Mn(0.283 and 0.269%) and iron (0.647 and 641%) and copper (0.048 and 0.732)%, respectively. Different seasons at influence may be there simple difference between leap year study ,exist from result statistical analysis significant influence clear overleap (cultivars and seasons )at leaves content from trace elements ,so status pollen grain too significant excellence at differ .As season significant influence at content soil from trace element studied may note absence elementary influence iron and silver at seasons ,different result at leap year study slight mode