Knowledge and Attitudes towards Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome among a Sample of Secondary School Teachers in Baghdad City


Background: The number of people with HIV AIDS is increasing all over the world specially in the developing countries, this increment in the incidence rate of HIV AIDS disease, and the absence of curative treatment brought the need to assess the awareness of people about the disease.Aim of the study: To assess the knowledge and attitude of secondary school teachers towards AIDS. Subjects &methods :A cross- sectional study was done on a sample of secondary school teachers in Baghdad city, during the period from the 5th of February to 7th of May 2009. The data was collected by direct interview with the teachers by using a questionnaire designed suit to our community cultures. The results: Revealed that all studied sample were aware about the presence of AIDS, and they have information about its modes of transmission, but there was a gap in their information about preventive measures of the disease, also they have negative attitude towards AIDS patients. The study showed that mass media is the best source for providing information about the disease. Recommendations: To fill the gaps and correct the misconception of the teaching staff, the study recommended conducting workshops for training of the teachers, and set up a comprehensive health education program to enhance community awareness.Keyword s: Teachers, knowledge and attitudes towards AIDS.