Decision Making :An Islamic Perspactive :Descriptive , Analytical and Comperative Study


This research emphasized on Decision Making Process(D.M.P) as the core of the management process beside it is considered to be the mobilized side of the managerial functions for each organizational levels. According to the Islamic point of view however, any function , position, or role should be considered as honesty(All of you are sponsors and each of you are responsible for)-' Therefore, those who are responsible of any of them should be brought to a just for any deliberate default committed by their ineffective decisions. The effectiveness of the decisions ,in other side used to be evaluated according to several kind of criteria ;such as: functional, ethical, and religion fixes or rules Since public interest represents as officially considered to be the holly objective that the Islamic state looking for, the selection , recruitment, and evaluation of decision maker automatically based on the qualified criteria that fulfilled that objective effectively Moreover , in order to take an advanced step toward more useful or effective decisions, the leader or any decision maker ask to participate other qualified and specialized people or some time he be insisted to invite the largest number of people to participate his or her decisions depending on the nature of the situation we face with or based on to what the extent that decision is important or how much serious for the society(SHURA principle).Since the recent philosophic managerial theories and approaches emphasizing on the "Participation "as a key of the successful decision making process . SHURA, in contrast will be a necessary requirement and a basic condition of the effective decisions and for any kind of development as well Our leaders should know certainly that the past experiences of our Islamic heritage has been proved surely that the SHURA is the only guarantee way of decision making process that resist any kind of corruption and stop any sort of decline beside it works steadily toward ensures the society development and welfare. Moreover, it should be known the greatest civilization achieved by Islamic leaders has been one advantage of the SHURA achievement. Therefore, they should be reminded and may be ordered to apply this kind of techniques in their decisions in the same way that it has been used by our prophet and his followers .According to this perspective the research has been divided into four main sections ;the first one deals with its methodology declaring its problems, importance, objective, and the research manner The second section provides a smoothing approach and conceptual basis are together forming a philosophic emanation toward understanding the advanced subjects of decision making process explained in the third section. Subjects such as the characteristics and weakness of decision making models as long with its types are discussed in third section. The third section sharing properly as a reasonable path design to come up with the "SHUAR" principle as an suggested alternative approach for decision making process SHURA concept ,importance and its applied requirements has been discussed briefly in fourth section. Finally the research contained some recommendation for Arab and Islamic decision makers