A New Text Steganography Method by Using Non-Printing Unicode Characters and Unicode System Characteristics in English/Arabic documents


Abstract :The massive explosion in computer technology and communication has encouraged the development ofsteganography and water marking, where breathed the spirit of steganography and made it the top securitytechnique to protect and preserve the rights and privacy. So steganography is the one of important types ofhide information techniques that has evolved a lot in the past years.In this paper, we introduce a new approach for text steganography in text documents (word & Excel). Inthis method, two techniques are marged. First method, use the special Unicode standard characters, zero widthnon joiner (ZWNJ) and zero width joiner (ZWJ) characters (which have the non-printing properties) toembedding the bits of secret message into English letters, Arabic related letter, Arabic letters separated if theyconnect, and English/Arabic numbers. Second method; use Unicode system characteristics to embedding thebits of secret message into separate Arabic letters.This method has high capacity, it can hide one bit in each letter or number in the cover_file, and itsatisfies perceptual transparency,by dose not make any apparent changes in the original text. In our methoudwe increase the level of security by encode the secret message before embedding it into the cover_text byusing Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm (AES-128).