The Effect of Learning Programme of Sport Lesson in Developing Social Psychological Harmony of Second Stage Students of Intermediate School


Abstract:The present research aimed at uncovering: - The level of the social psychological harmony of the second stage students of Intermediate school. - The effect of Learning Programme of Sport Lesson in Developing social psychological harmony of second stage students of Intermediate school. Researchers used the experiment method due to its suitablity to the nature of the research the sample of the research included the second stage students of AL- Hadba Islamic Preparatory School Whose number was twenty. Those students were intertionally chosen and divided into two sets: (10) students represented the experimental set and (10) students represented control one. The researchers verified the equivalence of the two groups. They used the psychological and social scale prepared by (Adalli, 2004) as a tool to the research. The learing programme of sport lesson was applied to the experimental set. The programme took eight weeks: three learning units per week and each unit took (45) mins. the programme started on Sunday (13 / 2 / 2005) until Sunday (3 / 4 / 2005). After collecting all the data , they were processed statistically through the use of (person correlation factor, percentage rule, computing level, divergence criterion, T- test for two connected computing levels which are equal and inequal in number)Rerearchers concluded: There are differences of clear signification between experimental and control sets in the same level of the psychological and social sets in favour of the testing experimental set. Rerearchers recommend to: Return the weekly programmed sport lesson in Al- Hadba Islamic Preparatory school, Administer studies similar to the role of sport and its relationship to the other variables.