The Reality Of The Agricultural Sector In The Province Of Diyala In 2010


This study aims to show the role of the agricultural section in Diala and explaining the effect the natural and human factors in it. It builds the classification the agricultural lands in Diala in 2010. They occupy (7,7) % and farms land is (25,76)%, while the land which are useful of or agriculture is (211,8)% and not useful ones is about (45)%.The study limits the common agricultural type in diala . they are fiv main types : agriculture of grains like (wheat, barely , rice , corn) which occupy area of about (54,13)% while the product is (84,7)%kinds of garden like (pomegranate, grape , date- plam, oranges, apples) this kind occupies (28,52)% and the product is about (2,67)%.In addition to that, we have the kind of the vegetables which includes summer and winter vegetables. It occupies (12,73)% and the quantity to product is (0,19)%. The industrial kind also appears which includes: (peanut , sesame, cotton , sun flower) which is (4,38)% and the product (7,2)%. Finally the kind of fodder like ( clover or trefoil) which occupies an area about (0,24)% and product of (0,24)%. Another kind appears which is protected agriculture by glass or plastic covered field supplied by government to the farmer in Baquba, Maqhdadia, Khalis and Baldrooz. With about 1000 glass covered field. This kind of work starts in 2008 and it increases in the next years.