Recent Changes in theContemporary Arab Systems


The series of the current changes in Arab region, which came after a group of internal and external motivations gave a clear sign that there is a serioustendency to end most of the ruling regimes in Arab region to create the right opportunity for other ruling systems and new political elitesto represent a new phase in the international system which is controlled by the United States since the collapse of the Soviet Union. These new regimes also adopt new formulations of security, political, and economic standards for the region, as well as their ability to represent the social and intellectual trends in the region, which finally serveIslam. Therefore,great efforts should be offered in order to create a more moderate pattern that will bein harmony with the changes in Arab countries. This patternhas been prepared for since the first decade of this century. A good example for this patternis the arrival of Justice and Development Party to power in Turkey which has gainedAmerican and Western acceptance especially this pattern absorbs the desire and the propensity toIslamic politicization from one hand, and mixing it with certain principles like liberalism, modernization, and the belonging to the contemporary civilization from the other hand. Moreover, it gives the military institutions a protective rolefor democracy and a balance between power and people