Establishment of a new Arab renaissance .. Arabs in the face of the U.S. strategy


Arab-American relations went through a lot of events and turns in more than half a century, and the successive U.S. administrations have announced changes in its global strategy in each phase occupies the Arab world, where increasingly important. If the years of the nineties of the twentieth century has witnessed the changes and clear the entrances to the American strategy toward the Arab world, the beginning of the third millennium has witnessed a sharp turn in the direction the U.S. towards the region raised the American administration slogans of change in the region of the entrances of three. Security and reform, and peace, despite the fact that fact does not comply with these propositions, which was in reality an expression of a new approach to the growing U.S. interests in the region ..But the beginning of the new contract put the U.S. administration in front of a paradox major when I found the Arab masses preceded to change some regulations, which put her in confusion and unclear, although it was seeking to redraw the maps of the area, but that it happened differently, which led to look for quick fixes and modify Some details of the strategy and try to contain some elements that influence the change process, which is expected to have a role in receiving the power in their countries and democratic manner, especially the Islamic groups.The project Arab renaissance, which suffered a major setback at the beginning of this century after it was the occupation of Iraq, and filled the area fleets, rules and foreign armies, was the patrons are looking for a port to launch ambitious programs, hit by retail, underdevelopment and dependency, have been mapped many of the scenes, but the anti-American and to whom correspondence of the regimes in the region, and the negative experience of the masses of these plans and projects, led to the establishment of such programs in wait in the hope that change what happens, you will find these programs on its way to the application. Perhaps the political movement witnessed in the Arab region in 2010 and 2011 and still continues, a factor contributing to re-read those projects, and perhaps in the case of the insistence of the public to maintain the revolutions and not to compromise and weakness in front of diagrams foreign, can see the foundation for the rise of a new Arab light and strong.