The Normal Standards of Anterior Fontanel Size in Iraqi Neonates


Background: The diagnosis of abnormal anterior fontanel requires an understanding of the wide variation of normal.Objectives: The study is an attempt to establish the normal value for anterior fontanel size of normal full term infants in Baghdad.Method: Prospective study done in Central Teaching Hospital for Children from Jan.1997 to Jan.1998. The sample consists of 200 full term infants, 100 male & 100 female, who attended vaccination center. Anterior fontanel size measurement was taken using methods advised by Popitch & Davis.Result: The mean size of AF for boys was higher than that of girls & the difference was significant (p=0.004).The mean value for AF area was 176.26 ± 53.39(range50-255) mm2 in boys & 160.32±-46.78(50-270) mm2 in girls (the difference was not significant; p=0.113). The gestational age of infants ranged between 38&40 weeks , the mean birth weight of boys was 3228+or – 0.475gms &the mean birth weight of girl was 3256+or 0.530gms. There is no effect of body weight, or head circumference on the size of anterior fontanel.Key Wards: AF (anterior Fontanel), NB (Newborn).