Exogenous melatonin effects on Glomerular Filtration Barrier in male albino rats


Background: In kidney, basal lamina is the main component of the glomerular filtration barrier and podocytes have a major role in its synthesis. Objective: To study the effects of different oral doses of exogenous melatonin on glomerular filtration barrier by using methylene blue injections.Material & methods: In this study, sixteen male rats of five weeks of age were used, they were divided into three groups: Group I was control group, groups II and III were treated orally with melatonin in a dose of 250 & 500 µg/kg body weights subsequently. Results: Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis was caused by 500 µg/kg body weight melatonin, but when methylene blue was given intraperitoneally; its particles appeared in renal interstitial tissue in both 250 & 500 µg/kg body weights treated rats. Conclusion: Melatonin has an effect on the glomerular filtration barrier. It is recommended to use immunohistochemical techniques to evaluate the subcellular level changes.Key Words: Kidney, glomerular filtration barrier, melatonin, methylene blue.