Comparing Ground Survey Data with SRTM Satellite Data:Case Study in North of Iraq(English)


ABSTRACTIn this paper a comparison between DEMs, which generated from ground survey using total stationand DEMgenerated fromSRTM DEM (Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) with 90m spatial resolution, has been done. The comparison achieved intwo different areas, area-1 (covers1,384,707.00 square meters)andarea-2 (covers549,041.00 square meters).The topography ofthe area-1 was non flat,while the area-2 was approximatelyflat.The comparison achieved using two different methods, firstmethod wasan evaluation for contour lines which carried out between ground survey and SRTM DEM contour maps, second method was a spatial analyst testusing statistical functions (e.g. mean, standard deviation STD).The comparison showed that the variation of SRTM data and ground survey data is small in flat areas and increases in high grade areas. The software which is been used in comparison was ArcGIS package.KEY WORDL: DEM, SRTM, ArcGIS, Geospatial