The Impact of Repeated Anaerobic Effort in The Anaerobic Capability and the Fatigue Indicator of Basketball, Volleyball and SOCCER Players


The current study aimed at identifying the statistical significances the fatigue indicator among basketball, volleyball and soccer players. The descriptive approach was applied for its appropriateness to the nature of the study. The sample of the study consisted of (15) players representing Mosul University teams of these games for the year (2008-2009); WHOM they were chosen intentionally, (5) players for each game.The procedures of the research included a pilot study applied on two players; the first a basketball players and the second is a soccer player. Then the anaerobic test of RAST was applied, which consisted of (6)sprint runs passing a distance of (35) meters intervened by rest periods lasted for (10) seconds for each. After ending the test, the results were concluded through applying the following equation:anaerobic power (watt) = weight x distance2/time3The fatigue indicator was concluded by applying the following equation:The fatigue indicator (watt/sec) = the highest power– lowest power)/total time.The research reached at the following:1.The repeated anaerobic effort of the three groups of basketball, volleyball and soccer players made an increase in the time of the (6) runs that passed (35) meters distance starting from the first run until the sixth one, and that is because of decline in the duration of anaerobic system and the rise of fatigue indicator resulted from short rest time during recovery period that lasts for (10) seconds.2.Though there are no significant differences in fatigue indicator among the three groups; the means proved "that the teams were matter of fatigue in this order" volleyball players followed by basketball players then came soccer players, the matter which emphasizes that soccer players are characterized with high level of physical fitness and phosphegeneic lactic aerobic power and their recovery is faster in comparison with basketball and volleyball players.