Lymphocytes Subset Phenotypes in Patients with Visceral Leshmaniesis


Background: Visceral leishmaniasis is an endemic protozoan disease in Iraq Recovery from this disease confers a solid and permanent immunity.Objective: Determining the type of lymphocyte phenotype by using; monoclonal antibodies against (CD 4, CD8).Patients and methods: Indirect immunofluorescence technique analysis was performed to detect the percentage of CD4, CD8 and CD4/CD8 ratio positive lymphocytes.Results: Our results showed that the patients groups have decrease in both the percentage of CD4 cells &CD4/CD8 ratio and increase in the percentage of CD8. Follow up of patients after treatment showed a significant increase in the percentage of CD4, CD4/CD8 ratio but they were still lower than their normal range.Conclusion: CD4/CD8 ratio is reversed in VL infection then increase after treatment but it was less than its normal range.Key words: CD-Markers profile, leishmania donovani, amastigote form.