Evaluating the Level of Psychological fluency Among Iraqi Female Sports Club Players in Volleyball and its Relation with the Level of Achievement


AbstractThe Study Aimed at : oEvaluating the level of psychological fluency among Iraqi female sports club players in volleyball. oExpounding the relationship between the level of psychological fluency and level of accomplishment among the study sample. oDetermining the levels and standard degrees for the subject sample in order to measure psychological fluency. The descriptive method by survey and correlation styles was used for its appropriate to the nature of the study the population of the study included Iraqi female volleyball sport club players whom they participated in the competition ( Iraqi sport clubs competition for ladies 2009) that was held in Dohuk. The number of participating sport clubs were 14 clubs ( ALfatat , Qarquosh, Alqush, Baghdad, Ohan, Alarmany, Fatat Baghdad, Alhusseinia, Aka , Lala , Karah, Amadya, Abrashi, Koya ) amounting to (140) female players. The researchers used a psychological fluency scale prepared by (Ibrahim 2005) in his thesis for a Master degree in the college of sports education in Baghdad university. It was used as a tool for collecting data. The scientific procedures to determine the truth and validity were carried out and the data were treated using the statistic tools including (arithmetic mean pattern, simple correlation coefficient, standard deviation, correlation of ranks, t-Test, Spearman Browns formula, Hypothetical Mean , and percentage) . The researchers reached a number of conclusions:-The Iraqi female sport club players were characterized with a high level of psychological fluency higher than the hypothetical mean of the scale indicating a positive results . -A significant positive correlation exists between the level of psychological fluency and the level of achievement among Iraqi female volley ball sport club players . -Standard scores and levels have been set for Iraqi female volleyball players in the Scale of psychological fluency.