The stratigraphy of the Iraqi Western Desert is reviewed. The oldest exposed rocks are Permian in age, belong to the Ga`ara Formation, whereas the youngest are Pliocene – Pleistocene, belong to the Zahra Formation. The exposed stratigraphical column is represented by 32 formations. Morover, eight main types of Quaternary deposits, which have wide geographic extent are reviewed too. For each exposed formation, the exposure areas, subsurface extension, main lithology as described inform of members and/ or informal units, thickness, fossils, age, depositional environment and the lower contact is described. Because, almost all formations are described by different authors from different localities, therefore all descriptions of different authors are reviewed, with occasional comments.The paleogeography is reviewed briefly. Each formation is discussed, for majority of them the present author`s opinion are given, with many recommendations for future studies. Some new ideas dealing with many aspects for many formations including proposals for establishing new formations are given, too.