The Effect of Using Four Teaching Styles in Developing some skills in Basketball For Female Pupils at Secondary First Year


Abstract:The research aims at revealing the effect of using four teaching styles in developing some skills in basketball at first year female pupils. The study is based on the experimental approach due to its suitability. The Society of the research were 88 first year female pupils at their intermediate stage in Ba’sheeq. They were divided into four groups each of which consisted of 22 pupils. Equivalence concerning the variables age, height and weight was achieved in addition to a number of elements of physical and some basic skills in basketball. The first experimental group used the inclusion style in teaching whereas the second experimental group used small homogenous groups. The third used the sample of small heterogeneous groups while the fourth experimental group used the command style. The execution of the educational program lasted 8 weeks with the average of two educational units per week. The time devoted for each educational unit was 45 minutes. The data were collected and tested statistically by using mean, standard deviation, simple correlation coefficient (Person), T-test for equal correlated samples, analysis variance in one direction and Duncan’s L.S.R. The analysis showed the following findings: 1.The inclusion style and the two samples of small groups styles were found more effective in developing some basic skills like passing , dribbling and shooting in basketball. 2.the command style were found developing in skill pass.3.The sample of small homogeneous groups compared with the other educational styles was found more effective in developing the shooting skill.