A New Miniature Narrowband Microstrip Bandpass Filter Design Based on Peano Fractal Geometry


A new compact narrowband multiresonator microstrip filter design is presented in this paper as a candidate for use in modern wireless communication systems. The proposed filter structure is generated using Peano fractal curve geometry. The proposed filter structure is fractally generated using Peano fractal curve geometry. Two 2nd and 4th order Chebyshev bandpass filters have been designed based on the 2nd iteration Peano fractal curve at a design frequency of 2.45GHz using a substrate of a relative dielectric constant of 9.6 and thickness of 0.508 mm. Filter structures based on the second iteration Peano geometry leads to compact size single mode resonators with dimensions of about (0.075×0.086)λg. This article represents better miniaturization level compared with the other microstrip bandpass filters based on other space-filling geometries and designed at the same frequency using the same substrate material specifications. Simulation and theoretical performance of the resulting filter structures have been carried out using method of moments (MoM) based electromagnetic simulator IE3D, from Zeland Software Inc. The results also show that the proposed filter structures possess good return loss and transmission responses besides the size reduction gained, making them suitable for use in a wide variety of wireless communication applications.