Controlling a Nonlinear Servo Hydraulic System Using PID Controller with a Genetic Algorithm Tool


The purpose of this paper is to present the modeling and simulation of a servohydraulic system. Hydraulic systems are broadly used in the industry due to theirability to adapt to a wide range of purposes and their proven robustness. First wedevelop a mathematical model to obtain the system responses. These responsesrepresent the response of the servo hydraulic system with a sinusoidal input.Secondly, we design a PID controller in order to improve the position transientresponse and reach minimum steady state error in the output displacement. Then, weuse Genetic Algorithm technique to find the best (KP, KI and KD) gains for PIDcontroller to enhance the output of the servo hydraulic system.The results have showed a higher improvement of the servo hydraulic systemresponse with minimizing the steady state error after using the PID controller gainsobtained from the Genetic Algorithm technique.