A Text Watermarking Algorithm Based on LSB Method in Hiding Data


Watermarking has been proposed as a method to enhance data security, confidentiality and integrity. Text watermarking requires extreme care when embedding additional data within the images because the additional information must not affect the image quality.Add text watermark and image watermark to your photos or animated image, protect your copyright avoid unauthorized use.In this paper was presented a watermarking scheme that hides watermarking in method, not affect the image quality.In this work was used Small text as a watermark to embed in images is published on the website to maintain ownership of the owner website.In this work was used LSB method in hiding operation by special techniques depend on hide the location of character but not character itself ,after finding what equivalent to its value in the a palette image and hide the position of palette equivalent value of the siteAfter hiding watermarking, published the image in website . By using this Algorithm , images are published on the Internet while retaining ownership of the images , and knowledge of the images reproduced without the owner's knowledge.