Comparison study in leading behavior for the north Iraqi universities coaches of bat games from the point of view of the players


The study aims at identifying the leading behavior of co Aches of bat games coaches and the differences in their leading role .the corpus consisted of the north Iraqi universities players participating in the Iraqi univer sites champion ship 2009 – 2010 .The players were (51) in number ; three players from each universe city who were deliberately chosen .The data were statistically inlay zed by mean ,stander deviation to show the least significant difference . It was concluded that there were significant difference in favor of the coaches of table tennis and badminton in comparison with tennis in leading behavior and there were no significant differences between Them . The researchers recommend : 1- The necessity of choosing coaches who have a good leading behavior in order to achier remark able results .2-holding comes and work – shops to develop .The leading behavior of coaches supervised by experts in this concern and doing a similar researches. *Keywords: Leading behavior- universities coaches- bat games