Contrastive Views of Disguise in Shakespeare's Selected Plays


Disguise and hiding the identity are regarded as disgrace in many literary works. The same term is welcomed in certain states to such extent that disguise helps its owner to surpass the naïve stage to gain maturity . This research tries to shed more light on this theme so as to distinguish the hated disguise and the noble one to help readers to solve the ambiguity of this subject. The research sheds light on selected plays of William Shakespeare because of the overuse of this subject in his plays. Disguise is studied with emphasis on both sides of disguise due to playwright's authentic pen. The research tries to hold a logical comparison between the characters before and after disguise in matters of maturity and vision. Disguise appears as a weapon with two edges. The disguise that emerges in this research does not include on the disguise of dressing, but concentrates the disguise of behavior to be regarded as the most dangerous one.