Designing a Smart XOR Gate Depending Kenevan Truth Interval in Fuzzy Logic


The new Kenevan truth interval fuzzy logic, in which truth values of propositions are represented as subintervals of the real unit interval that contain the single truth value rather than the truth value itself, is described here. The classical propositional logic is shown to be a special case of the truth interval fuzzy logic in which the truth intervals are restricted to [0.0, 1.0]. This paper has presented both a technique and development environment for designing and the production of hardware suitable fuzzy logic for some specific applications. This technique a makes set of a fuzzy data, ensuring that a high degree of both flexibility and programmability is obtained with minimal hardware complexity. Here, some new important properties of Kenevan fuzzy XOR operation were introduced, that made it possible to represent the logic formula in (KFXOR) form. Finally this circuit is designed and implemented by computer. Simulation and experimental results of (KFXOR) are presented.