Establishing Reform System for Preparing Bills of Quantities


Bills of Quantities (B.Q) considered as one of the important project documents in addition to the contract form and the exchanged official letters between the two main contract parties before signing a contract. Quantities estimation performed through two stages, the first is to determine measurements from design drawings to find length, number, area, and volume, for each group of works, its related units in an organized manner prior to the preparation of the required (B.Q). The responsible party of preparing (B.Q) should be aware in all estimating methods and have wide and detailed information about building materials, construction methods, site conditions, and prices changing with time. Due to the lack of accuracy, organizing, and standard specification of the existing (B.Q) which prepared by different public and privet contracting companies and that observed through this research, therefore there is clear importance to establish reform system for the prepared (B.Q).Through theoretical, field investigation and studies, several factors affecting the accuracy of (B.Q) are concluded by this research. Deficiencies in (B.Q) are the result of the responsible party lack of awareness' regarding the concluded factors. The researcher established computer program to simulate the effecting factors on accuracy of (B.Q) and recommend the required reformation to each examined case. The research recommended that (B.Q) preparing parties to consider all concluded affecting factors or at least the very effecting ones and to adopt the proposed system for reforming their prepared (B.Q).