Combine human's visual perception and wavelet method depending on the two absolute moment values


In this paper, an image compression method have been developed by combining Human's visual perception and wavelet transform depending on the two absolute moment values. This algorithm, which has proposed it is very sensitive to information of blocks area type (such as uniform or edge block), where by depending on the constant threshold using Weber's law, and by combining Human's visual perception and Wavelet method, if the ratio between the change in the maximum and minimum luminance (change in the two Absolute moment values of the block in an image) to the minimum luminance (minimum absolute value) is smaller than that threshold constant, human being would recognize this block as a background (uniform region) and the coder compresses this block by sending the mean of block, otherwise it is edge block (edge region) and it is compressed using the wavelet transform. The proposed algorithm has four advantages which makes it very efficient in image compression, these are, low bit rate, low computational complexity, fast processing and edge preservation with good reconstructed image quality. Keywords, Human's visual perception (HVS), wavelet transform, two absolute moment values.