Isolation and Identification of bacteria Streptomyces from hydrocarbon contaminated soil and study their capacity to decomposition these residues


Objective of this research to obtain bacteria Streptomyces that have high-efficiency in the decomposition of hydrocarbon waste. Samples of soil were taken from different area with high pollution, like Ramadi, Baiji and Daura. We have obtained 9 isolates of bacteria Streptomyces the results showed that the isolate Streptomyces spp M3 have high-efficiency in the decomposition of hydrocarbons residues, so we have studied the morphological and physiological characters of this isolate by studying some Biochemical tests and its ability to decompose the hydrocarbon wastes through growth on liquid culture media containing hydrocarbon wastes as Carbon source , we were found that it has high capacity to have a high decomposition for hydrocarbons when grow in the test culture media 4 containing 6 ml of the hydrocarbon residue and 1 g of starch as a Carbone source, and were able to grow very well in the test media 2,3,5,6 and 7 that containing hydrocarbons residues as carbon source, also able to grow in the test media 10 that containing 15 ml of hydrocarbons only as a Carbone source. We conclude that this isolate can be use to decrease the pollution caused by hydrocarbons residues because it has high ability to utilized these residues as carbon source.