Hyperuricemia, is it a cause or an effect of hypertension? A study in Ramadi city, Iraq


Objective : To evaluate the relationship between Hyperuricemia and hypertension . Patients and methods : 5Q hypertensive patients(30 males and 20 females ) and 24 normal individuals (11 males 13 females ) as control group were investigated at the clinical pathology unit in Ramadi, for the following parameters:- Body mass index (BMI), blood pressure (BP), serum cholesterol (S.Ch), and serum uric acid (S.U.A.) .Results: The four parameters were found elevated in 26(52%) . serum uric acid and S.Ch were elevated in 13 (26%) of them , while S.U.A. and BP elevated in seven (14%) Patients. In the other four patients (8%) BP, elevated only . Correlation studies of demographic variables showed that age was positively correlated with BMI and S.Ch . while S.U.A. showed a higher relationship with blood pressure in males than in females . Conclusion : It can be concluded that the association between hypertension and hyperuricemia is clinically significant , but seem to be over looked .