Studying Of Topographic and Navigation changes Study For Khor Abdullah channel


A field and disk study were conducted to determine the Iraqi coastal changing due to erosion and deposition processes starting from Shatt Al-Arab estuary and Khor Abdullah Shaytana Khor and the front of Kuwait coast. The result showed different average was happening after compared the admerallin chart of 1964and 2010 years in these coast .deposition process was happened at the southern coastal of shatt Al-Arab about 385 m with 8.36m/year progressing the zero line toward the Iranian coast during 46 years, this because of the low speed of current and the accumulation of suspended load especially near Fao .While erosion process were occurred and reduced the zero line at the Iraqi coast in Abdullah entrance about 284m at average of that mean 6.17 m/years during 46 years ,Because of high speed of flood current in this part of channel. Disagreement with this result the Kuwait side advantage from this change generally, where erosion operation reached to 375 m that is about 8.15 m/years ,while deposition operation reached to 540m that is 11.73