Structural and electrical properties of tellurium thin films prepared by vacuum thermal deposition


Thin films of highly pure (99.999%) Tellurium was prepared by high vacuum technique (5*10-5torr), on glass substrates .Thin films have thickness 0.6m was evaporated by thermal evaporation technique. The film deposited was annealed for one hour in vacuum of (5*10-4torr) at 373 and 423 K. Structural and electrical properties of the films are studies. The x-ray diffraction of the film represents a poly-crystalline nature in room temperature and annealed film but all films having different grain sizes. The d.c. electrical properties have been studied at low and at relatively high temperatures and show that the conductivity decreases with increasing temperature at all range of temperature. Two types of conduction mechanisms were found to dominate in the measured temperature range.